October 26, 2018

Angel Sunset/ Shards of Time

Angel Sunset
By Brionna Garcia
Angel Peak
October 17, 2018

The first night we arrived to Angel Peak, our new temporary home for the next busy week, the sky gods left us a gift of inspiration. As soon as dinner was ready, we were spoiled with a breathtaking view of Northern New Mexico. Never before had I seen the gradient of sky colors in collaboration with the gradient of geological time. 

This view became our backyard/backdrop for all of the discussions we had regarding the ugliness of fracking, during most of our meals, and during the entirety of the creation process of our zines to bring awareness to the negative implications of fracking. 

Shards of Time
Brionna Garcia 
Chaco Canyon
October 17, 2018

Kyle and I made the hike to the top of the mesa at Chaco Canyon to view Casa Bonita from a bird’s perspective. On our hike we were stunned by the tinajas that were carved into sandstone by years and years of water erosion. While we were sitting in large tinaja to share rolled cigarettes and stone-ground chocolate, we were playing in the dirt and happened upon these ancient pottery shards. From my background knowledge of Chacoan pottery, these vessels were made from white clay and using a reduction fire process, the glaze painted on the pottery with yucca brushes appears black. It was incredibly fascinating to hold something made by an “artist” long ago. I wondered if they considered themselves an artist, or if they were making this piece for functionality. It made me feel tied to whomever had their hands in the clay. Did they know a thousand years later someone would be mesmerized by their vision of beauty and culture? We carefully placed the shard back where and how we found it sending veneration to the people that came before us.

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