October 25, 2018

Spider Naps

Spider Naps
By Kyle Holub
Four Corners
September 27, 2018
Blaise and I met this Desert Tarantula while reflecting on our time during the Fracking is Fracking Reality tour.
We followed it for a little while. It would nestle up to the bottoms of grasses and sage to get some shade,
and would take a little nap. After a minute or two, it would wake up and stretch its front 4 legs and continue
on its way. It repeated this cycle a number of times and seemed completely undisturbed by our presence.
It curled up in my shadow and fell asleep for a few minutes.

In strange contrast to the peaceful sleepy spider, another scene developed just down the hill from us.
A worker had come to service the gas well close to our campground.
He was checking gauges or something in a small shed and he left his door open to listen to the radio.
I could barely make out Rush Limbaugh’s voice. He was talking about Brett Kavanaugh.
In a similar spewing fashion, the worker walked over to a pipe, buried his face in his elbow,
and released some of its contents in a loud hiss that lasted a minute or so.
The spider didn’t seem to react.  

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