October 27, 2018


By Kyle Holub
Muley Point
October 7, 2018

I spent a large part of my time at Muley Point making rope. I looked for dead yuccas and learned to select the leaves that would have the long, strong, yellow fibers that are good for rope.

There is a feeling, when making rope, that is difficult to transcribe. It has to be experienced. When twisting a strand, at a certain point, you can feel the rope forming itself. You can feel when it wants to become rope. It moves to its place behind the other strand, almost without effort.

The impracticality of this endeavour was never far from my mind during this process. Who needs a handmade rope anymore? The rope I made was not as strong as a store bought one. It certainly isn’t art as most would know it.

I think the value lies in the process. To gather leaves in a responsible way, to process them into long fibers with your hands, to wash and dry and twist these plants into a helpful object, is to open a channel of communication with a wild being. The rope is a connection to a plant and a plant is a connection to a place.

It is important to re-establish these connections. It is through the development of these types of connections that we can overcome divisions between self and other.

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