September 21, 2017


By Viola Arduini
Rio Grande Headwaters,  CO
August 29, 2017

Creeks look like scars. Dark veins carved into a flesh made of rocks.

I spent most of the first two days at Cunningham Gulch walking the valley, lost in a different world made of white grass and black water. The infrared camera shows an uncanny reality, where all the sudden clouds and plants are made of the same light colors. Is the circle of life being unveiled?

Infrared photography allows to read the landscape in a different way. The mountain creeks running down the rocky sides acquire a deep black shade. A contrast, invisible to the naked eye, emerges. Scars, or maybe veins, carrying the water to a bigger creek, then rivers, as the blood stream in our arms.

But this water won't get to the ocean. Not anymore.

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