September 22, 2017


By Paul Ross
Rio Grande Headwaters, CO
September 3, 2017

28 August – Here we are! It’s a long valley.
29 August – Follows the water. I crest a ridge, and sound wraps around like a quilt. A patch of rapidly clicking grasshoppers, a patch of bubble stream keeping time like one, long heartbeat you can hear in your ears, a patch of flies with the buzz, a patch of finches chasing.
The hills, too, wrap softly here. Tufts of grass rolled up as a sleeve from dad’s old fleece jacket. Also like the goosebumps that jacket guards against.
Following the stream farther up, I come to snowbanks. Deciding to add some of my blood to that of the mountain, I open a small piece of my left hand and give a small scarlet smear to run downhill with the water that enlivens the West.
31 August – Followed a stream from its source. Here is a piece of the story.
3 September – “In the less explicit, perhaps more inferred sense, the map appears as a contrivance for designing a world, a machine for fashioning its energies – as something that stands for the scene for all representation.” – Rita Donaugh
“Thus we cover the universe with drawings we have lived. These drawings need not be exact.” - Bachelard

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