September 20, 2017

Ladling For Gold

Issy Arnold
Rio Grande Headwaters, CO
September 1, 2017

Things that happened at the headwaters
  • Me and Ruby discovered our ‘rainfly’ was a flap of fabric approximately 10cm long
  • Met two pack lamas
  • Discovered washing up outside is 100% more jokes than washing up inside
  • Met Bev from the museum who told us all about the characters that used to live in the red light district of Silverton  
  • Made raspberry leaf tea
  • Watched a herd of mountain sheep from the opposite mountain
  • Found a moose’s skull which turned out to be a moose’s pelvis
  • Saw an alive moose
  • Found the headstone of a man from Scotland named Andrew ‘Andy’ McAndrews
  • Discovered the magnificence of the humble woven wheat

On the first day I set off my way to the Great Mary Lakes but got distracted by a waterfall. I’ve been collecting water from each site we visit and I decided I wanted to collect water from the bubbly space in between the water falling off a ledge and into a pool. I couldn’t reach it with my hands so I scavenged some scraps of metal and wire from the ruins of the old mine next to the waterfall and fashioned my self a big ladle to extend the reach of my arm so I could collect the white water.

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