September 24, 2016

Notes on Being

By Kaitlin Bryson
September 2, 2016

Exploring unfamiliar lands leads to generating and (potentially) understanding ideas outside of yourself—outside of your prescripted methodologies and modus operandi. Inside out, outside in.  You see that being means being related.  

True observation comes from a quiet place. In this place you can listen to the light change.  

When walking through the forest, look for decay and debris first. The fallen matter is where you will find the freshest life.  

Hiking with 4 other artists makes for a slow hike. There is simply too much to look at and each person notices different things: patterns, colors, plants, mushrooms, graffiti, matter out of place, a cliff far off in the distance. We ask questions and answer one another. I find it to be the sweetest thing.  

The ground is a sacred place. I don’t care what anyone says, I will loudly worship it and praise the life it holds, forever.  

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