September 24, 2016

Water: Soundscapes and Color

By Molly Zimmer
September 2, 2016

My goal is for my creative process to connect intuitively and viscerally to the readings I have chosen about a collective sense of place, movement, and the transformative experience water has on the environments we visit. In each location, I will ask myself, “How does water transform this place?” I will observe, mediate, write and read poetry.

In the Rio Grande Headwaters, water becomes the force of transition. Rains wash and permeate the soil. The river swiftly moves with the sound of water constantly flowing. One way that I am exploring this sense of movement is through soundscapes and color, derived from the Aspen trees turning yellow in the fall. Water is fluid and reveals the nature of objects around it. Whether that be through the water leaving leaves that turn yellow, or the way that water travels around rocks in a river. It vibrates when it clashes with large jutting rocks, and glides smoothly by rounded stones, curling fluidly to travel downstream.

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