September 23, 2016

Baby Rio Grande

By Rachel Zollinger
September 3, 2016

Hollis and I made it to the Rio Grande headwaters today. 20 miles and worth every step. After miles of forest road we turned off and followed the small stream, the Rio Grande, through marshland up to the rocky slope beneath Canby Mountain. There the water simply emerged from the rocks, beginning a calm descent down the mountain. Baby water, Hollis called it. We collected a little bit of water in bag and climbed over the ridge to the next spectacular valley toward Silverton. Below us was small stream leading to pools. We hiked down and released Rio Grande water into this tiny tributary of the Colorado River. There you are, California, your share of our water.
I have walked many miles to many beautiful places, but rarely have felt such significance as seeing the birthplace of the mighty river that defines the place I call home.

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