September 30, 2012

2012 Second Journey Commences

     Departing this coming Monday, the Land Arts of the American West group will be blazing the trail once again.  As we have been immersed in the various life patterns of Albuquerque and other sites, our recommencement will perhaps rekindle what was learned on the first voyage.  A better sense might be gained of comparison and contrast between engagement out in the field versus engagement in a more private studio or home atmosphere.  Our individual experiences in the interim may have been very different, and it will be exciting to share and exchange.  In addition, we will have some incredible opportunities lying on the road ahead.

Here follows our travel schedule for the second trip:

     October 1st - 5th: Collaborative Project with Visiting Artists, Chrissie Orr and Roberto Salas, at Buena Vista, El Paso, Texas
     October 6th - 9th: Otero Mesa, New Mexico
     October 10th - 14th: Turkey Springs, Gila National Forest, New Mexico, Interdisciplinary Engagement with UNM Biology students
     October 15th: Return to Albuquerque
     October 22nd - 26th: University of New Mexico Buster Simpson Collaborative Project, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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