September 30, 2012


Emily Vosburgh

It's almost time to take off on our second journey.  The time spent in-between has been odd.

          Hard to think, grid-locked
          Natural rhythm, makes sense
          Steel my soul, corruption

          My new eyes see, vision
          Re-entry depressing, me
          Stagnant change, life

     I started a journal using a loom.  I find one material each day that's indicative of that day's experience.  It looks crazy and wild.  If you get near to it, you find the calm.  Like life and like my mind, it is mostly insane with quiet moments.  Right now, this is serving as a kind of data collection for me.
     I went through my audio recordings.  I don't know where that is going.  I am trying to find the rhythm of land arts.
     I edited some photos.  I like the way the Border Patrol concept worked out.  However, I am having issues with my work coming off cold.  I intend to work on this over the next journey.

Border Patrol #1

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