October 4, 2012

Urban Farm Project

Katharine Betty Jones

     Our 2012 student group set up the Land Arts canopy, propane stoves, chairs, tables, and music.  We served food to everyone who showed up.  It was a diverse, cross-cultural, and multi-generational event.  Part of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts Block Party, at the Alvarado Urban Farm in downtown Albuquerque, the Cook Out was held on Sunday, September 23rd.

     We wanted to share our experience of communal living with a larger community along with bringing people and attention to this specific space.  The Urban Farm is a garden on Silver Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets.  It serves to educate the community about sustainable living practices.  It was also the home of Nina Dubois' sound sculpture "Sound Colony".

     It was interesting to set up in an urban space.  Instead of gazing out upon a typical scenic view, our gaze was fixed on a large, several-story parking garage, which was quite surreal and beautiful at night.

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