November 28, 2017


By Viola Arduini
White Sands National Monument
October 31, 2017

Adele told me to walk towards the two peaks on the right of the mountains. Just keep walking straight for a couple of miles and you'll find the cottonwoods, that's what she said. I walked, and walking allowed me to becoming aware of the landscape. My eyes to the peaks, trying to trace the straightest line my feet and the desert would allow me, avoiding plants, climbing dunes. On my way back to camp, I stepped on my own footprints. I played Sigur Ros music for most of the walk. I wanted to see if I could trick my brain and pretend I was in Iceland.

I eventually found the cottonwoods. The tiniest cottonwoods I saw in my life. Beautiful in their yellow shades on the white sands. Trees without a visible river.

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