November 27, 2017

12 Hour Staircase

By Alex Kinney
White Sands National Monument, NM
October 30, 2017


White Sands provided an opportunity for me to create a work parallel to the work I made in Cunningham Gulch at the Rio Grande headwaters. I enjoyed working with sand rather than snow and the parallels and contrasts of the two. For these two works I was working in an intuitive manner similar to painting for me, where I let a soundtrack guide my actions and grooves while digging, climbing, eating, and throwing for an hour and five minutes. In the end after all paraphernalia is cleared I leave a large symbol exposed. The next morning, I returned to the stair case after a windy night in the dunes. The entirety of the structure was wiped away and the dune had moved a few inches forward. I felt like a cyborg, but my efforts couldn’t compare to a natural force like wind.   

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