October 7, 2017

The spirit of the water

By Ruby Pluhar
Wild Rivers, NM
September 8, 2017

I am constantly brought back to the water, and return daily to the same magical spot that I found on my first hike down to the little springs of the wild scenic rivers on our first day here. I head down early, and watch the morning sun rise and glide over the water watching the glistening hues of yellow, greens and blues come to life. I am drawn to how the rock formations sculpt the fluidity of the water, resulting in abstraction of shape in all sorts of otherworldly kinds. I began noticing how the shapes seemed to mimic movements and textures of the body. I decided to take a series of images of Mikala around the space, playing with reflections and the rhythm of the water. I took special attention to choose clothing where the textures and tones of the fabrics corresponded to their environment to personify Mikala as a spirit of the water. The glisten of the water began to mirror in the sparkle of the silver trousers, and her burgundy vest with the richness of the sand.

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