October 6, 2017

The drop

By Viola Arduini
Wild Rivers, NM
September 10, 2017

There is a rim at Wildrivers. The mesa - covered in sagebrush, pinyons and junipers - suddenly drops in a cliff. The Rio Grande has been created is recess, a lush gorge that remains invisible from distance. You need to get close to see it. 

My tent was right on the cliff. Feeling the drop so close to myself made me feeling dizzy and inebriated. The birds where flying high in the sky, over the river, but at the height of my eyes. It is then that I understood. I understood that I want to be one of them.  

I put elastic band on my arm, I wanted to have feathered wings. The rubber was cutting into my flesh, underlining the inadequacy of my heavy body.  

I shoot it in both visible light and ultraviolet. Birds can see both. 
The white feathers I was using look black in UV. I wonder how many other things we see differently.  

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