September 25, 2017

Ron’s Farm

Issy Arnold
La Villita, NM
October 4, 2017

Ron’s farm was an absolute dreeeeeeeeeam.  We swam in the river everyday and washed our clothes and our hair and our grubby sweaty skin and got all grubby and sweaty again threshing a field of rye that he gave us to play with and ‘helping’ harvest blackberries and raspberries and grapes by stuffing our faces.
I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone as passionate and open as Ron in my life, it was amazing to listen to him talk about the process of farming as an art form and to have a chance to be farmers alongside him for a few days.

When we left, Ron gave us each a spoon that he had whittled himself and in a Harry Potter vs Voldemort turn of events me and Paul both chose spoons made out of the same wood (!!!!!!!!!!!) - watch this space for a showdown at White Sands…

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