November 15, 2016

Trans-Pecos Pipeline (Under-Construction)

By Molly Zimmer
Highway 67, Near Marfa, TX
October 21, 2016

During our Time in Marfa, Texas we met with a wonderful artist and activist, Alyce Santoro, who generously opened her home and showed us around for two days to discuss how the Trans-Pecos Pipeline has and will continue to affect her community in Alpine, TX.

Check out her work at
Get involved @defendbigbend

The same company that that is building this pipeline, is also being fought by the protestors up at Standing Rock near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

As part of the two days, we attended a Town Hall Meeting in the town of Presidio, TX to share the information about the Pipeline that would affect their community, and we drove past several locations where you could see Energy Transfer Partners already working fast to bury the pipe underground, and huge tracks that went for miles where they planned to lay pipe down.

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