November 16, 2016

I Wonder

By Kaitlin Bryson
Marfa, TX
October 18, 2016

I wonder if we were to evolve past the current state of collectively inflated egos, would “politics” be a genre of stand-up comedy?  Would it then be possible to sincerely laugh at this silly performance that we as a people enact?  What would things look like if money didn’t rule the opinions of individuals, and individuals didn’t rule the lives of millions?  What if, instead, we asked the opinions of the Rattlesnakes, or of the microbial communities, or the Ocotillo, or the Javelina?  I bet the old Sycamores and the ancient Bristlecone Pines would have some great suggestions.  What if we actually sat quietly and listened to the desert? What if the voices of the marginalized were listened to?  And, what if a pipeline wasn’t allowed to destroy cultures or communities (above and below ground)?  What if water was seen as a living being?  Would we still shit in it?  What if the environmental agenda wasn’t a political agenda, or wasn’t part of an agenda at all?  What if it was agreed that if we destroy the land, we destroy ourselves?  What if it was obvious to everyone that we (humans) are not in control, and that we (humans) are just another organ in a body?  

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