October 9, 2016

Good Work

By Kaitlin Bryson
Hogbacks, NM
September 21, 2016

Feeling clunky, unsure of myself
Out of my body – sick, tired, ignorant,
Rolling in and out of bad dreams
Anxiety dreams that leave me waking
Restless and
My heart aches because of the destruction, the injustice, and the hardships
That I only can be an outsider to.  
I feel like I’ve been punched over and over again, and the worst part is that I have the option to walk away.
I am an other.   

So, I’m trying to regroup in order to stay with the group.
To progress, to digest, to support, do good work.  
What is good work?

Good work is thanking the ashes before making the next fire.  
Good work is having respect for all beings.  ALL beings.
Good work is recognizing the light and shadows exist because of one another.
Good work is composting crisis and using its decomposition as nutrients.
Good work is greeting the sun each morning with your best intentions, and saying goodnight with your honesty.  
Good work is continuing to show up,
Continuing to love.    

Good work is forgiving yourself.  

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