October 10, 2016

Fracking Flares

By Molly Zimmer
Four Corners, NM
September 24, 2016

Poetic notes from our All Day Tour of Fracking Tour along NM Highway 550 up near Chaco Canyon with Daniel Tso.

Fracking is fracturing communities there, creating division between what Tso describes as “The Haves, and The Have Nots”. Mineral rights are sold creating a wealth of money for some, and others have to share those royalty payments with the entire family. Some have never seen so much money before, and that creates distance between neighbors and those who described their bonus signing check as “eating a big meal, and then it is gone”. Companies and capitalism win again, buying the mineral rights from family land. Land is life, and the mineral rights are part of the land. Families are selling their present and future prosperity without even knowing.

“Like a Giant Candle”

A giant torch
Roaring for the destruction of
Bringing the promise of a better future
The mantra of capitalism
Using the natural for monetary gain
Mother Earth is strong,
But in pain.
As the straws of fracking
Such the life from her being.
The sound of death burns
Motors and gas flows

“A New Fracking Site”

The sand is soft
As cornmeal flour.
And as light
As confectioner sugar.
The sweetness of the earth,
Doused in disturbed soil
Trucks building and widening
Roads begin the process to
Sift the money out of
OUR LAND. Squeeze the money from Her.
The flares whip, and curl into
OUR SKY Shoots hot chemicals
Stacks of candles burn through the night

In invisible plumes

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