September 19, 2016

Mountain View Neighborhood

By Hollis Moore

August 30, 2016

This experience itself deserves a novel instead of a short entry. Beginning from the moment we met Richard Moore and Lauro Salvo I felt like we were accepted into a very special community. We learned about the mission for Environmental Justice and how it is linked to everything. Sitting in the farm I felt at home. Inspirited to get my hands back into dirt. Maybe buy a row next summer?

We toured the Mountain View Neighborhood and saw one environmental disaster after the next. The industries have absolutely no regard or respect for the earth and even less for the people that call that land home. Chemicals, car dumps, bomb trains, dog food factories, asphalt, paint spills. Every plot was something worse and the arroyos and canals ran dry.

This seems unfair. To put the most damaging industries in the poorest, least educated neighborhoods. Absolutely an environmental genocide.

Makes we wonder what I can or need to do with this new knowledge I have. How can I exchange with this community? Maybe start by buying a row in the farm.

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