September 20, 2016

Environmental Justice

By Molly Zimmer
August 30, 2016

We had a great discussion with Richard Moore at the Mountainview Community Garden, located adjacent to the Albuquerque Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant. Leakage and chemical runoff from industrial businesses in their area have created serious health conditions for the community over the past years. Many locations in their neighborhood are designated as superfund sites, and families have access to limited resources to improve their lives.

With such overwhelming evidence of industrial exploitation in one area for the benefit of the city of Albuquerque, it makes me question how we can change a community, and survive together? Richard gives us 3 Rules to live by in the larger conversation of Environmental Justice, and that begins with where you live.
  1. Never Forget where you came from
  2. Remember who made it possible for you to be here
  3. Always give back to others what has been given to you

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