October 25, 2015

potty paintings

By CB Bryan
Valle Vidal
September 29, 2015

I put my paintings up in the west pit latrine of the Valle Vidal campsite. There amongst the buzzing flies and the smell of human waste, four paintings hung for around seven hours.

I have an intensely hard time showing and displaying work. I often feel embarrassed or guarded when faced with the prospect of showing my paintings to others. On the other hand, the thought of sharing makes me work harder. In Valle Vidal, I found that I was more driven once I had given myself the task of hanging these little guys in the campground. The setting allowed for my fellow land artists to see what I had been doing as well as for those who I did not know to see something totally out of the ordinary. Now I am on to the next bathroom/ “stranger than strange” gallery. 

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