October 25, 2015


By Harriet Fawcett
Four Corners
September 23, 2015

Over the past three days as a group we travelled around the Four Corners region exploring the different locations for resource extraction. Lead by Diné activist, Anna Rondon we were guided around the sites of preexisting uranium mines, current coal mining and very much active areas for fracking. We were told about the implications each of these sites had on the Navajo people who lived and worked there. It wasn’t until I arrived at the sites when I truly understood the suffering. I felt the pain as we arrived at the fracking site. As soon as we exited the van the constant loud groaning of machinery was apparent. We spent around an hour there and I couldn’t help being thankful to get back in the van away from the noise to collect my thoughts. It truly upset me to know that I was able to leave after an hour and others had to endure this distress continuously.
How can we be so naïve to where our power comes from?
How can we be so naïve to the effects it has on a whole nation?


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