September 15, 2015

Alone on Mars

By Paula D. Barteau
Goblin Valley
August 29, 2015 

I found a Goblin all alone out here
Gaping at the hot red Utah sun

I stepped through a door, carved by weather out of stone
Realized I was on Mars now, all alone

Heard laughter just a moment later
And the illusion of it shattered
I walked away from that reminder
To be all alone
All alone

I found water where the dust turned into mud

A crevice full of clouds the sky did not reflect
I felt the hot breath of the rocks behind me
Panting on my neck
Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re not alone
Forget the things sustained in your blood
And living in your sweat

I could remind myself by drinking from the ground now
Fill my body with a handful of a million other lives
Feel them only as a symptom in my body

As a haunting of what’s easy to forget

Sometimes you see faces in things that don’t have them
And you forget about the lives inside of things that do
Some things are so small they can only know you like you would a mountain
While you forget in these vast cascading places

Anything could be as small as you.

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