September 14, 2013

September 14th, 2013 El Vado Lake

Marz Shuster

We arrived at the new site of El Vado lake just in the nick of time before the rains came and everything got incredibly muddy. It is a very peculiar, slippery mud that sticks to the bottom of shoes making hiking very difficult and tiring. El Vado is an old lake bed that used to be filled with water, now only a small trickling stream remains along with many varieties of plants and a whole lot of mud. To me it is very strange to think how much water must have been here at some point and now all that remains are the distant affects, which hang about the place like a haunting memory.

Although the rain has been persistent, we are thankful for the chance to view it from the dryness of the cabin porch. Today we had the great luck to view a stunning double rainbow! This rainbow to me, was a beautiful symbol of the creation that often springs from destruction. Although our travels have been rainy, which often leads to dampened spirits, the rainbow seen directly from the front porch, served as a beacon to inspire and uplift us, reminding us that there is a silver lining in uncomfortable circumstances.

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