September 23, 2013

El Valle, New Mexico, Farm of Bill DeBuys

Marz Shuster

September 9th, 2013-El Valle, New Mexico, Farm of Bill DeBuys

We went on a very interesting and informative walk today and learned about the land where we are staying at Bill DeBuys’ farm. Since he has lived on the farm for over 30 years, his strong connection to the land is very evident, he cares greatly about the state of the forest and amount of precipitation. My favorite part of this land is the small meadow near the stream, where there is a circular area underneath a tree. A few of us have been hanging out there the last few days and have been visited by some very friendly horses, who greatly enjoy apple and carrot treats. It’s sweet that they genuinely seem to enjoy passing the time with us in the meadow. I have found El Valle to be very peaceful and inspirational, and in spite of the the heavy rainstorms we have been experiencing, the group is very caring and connected, genuine connections are being formed.

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