September 23, 2013

Headwaters of Rio Grande, Colorado

Marz Shuster

September 5th, 2013-Headwaters of Rio Grande, Colorado

Today went by quickly! Between carving wood (my newest remembered hobby), relaxing by the river, and rambunctiously working on the fort, it was a stimulating and entertaining day indeed. There’s really so much beauty to be found in nature, it’s crazy how often people forget that feeling of sublime and instead take to pillaging and destroying the land for material gain and a sense of control. The world desperately needs more people like us Land Artists, who are living breathing and actively thinking of new and inventive ways to work with the land instead of destroying and abusing it. It’s great how our small group of 10 has gradually been coming together more and more to enable us to all live comfortably in our new surroundings. This, to me, seems like it should become a necessary part of anyone’s education, living on the land and learning to coexist with a group of people, coming together as a species regardless of race, age, orientation or other dividing differences. How different the world would be!

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