November 13, 2012

Buster Simpson Collaborative Projects

Marne Elmore
Photos: Catherine Harris

     Upon return from the field, the Land Arts of the American West students joined forces with the Landscape Architecture students in collaborative group projects, framed with the presence of visiting artist, Buster Simpson.  During this collaboration, the groups divided into teams of three and sought how to build temporary installations on campus, incorporating the element of wooden pallets.  

     After installing, everyone gathered together for a walk to visit each group's interpretation of materials, time, site, and space.  It was interesting to see the end results of flexible planning, experimenting, reworking, constructing, and collaborating on these temporary installations.  Ephemerality was at play with the short duration that the installations were up, however, the collaborative nature of the projects taught us that learning is never ephemeral.

Buster Simpson documents the light and shadow playing across an installation

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