October 23, 2012


Emily Vosburgh

     Our second journey came and went in the bat of an eye.  We entered a time warp and came out the other side somehow schooled in a new way of perception separate and distinct from that of the first journey.

                                       Limbs find it hard to move, time
                                       Slow, tempo unfound
                                       Beat existent but elusive.

                                       Confused about what it is I'm trying to find, yet
                                       Amazement at beauty found in crevice, cracking
                                       Intellect, snapping to attention
                                       Reawakened to awareness.

                                       Freshly made mind set.
                                       New eyes, or merely wiped clean
                                       Glaze surrendered to dystopian light,
                                       Era of unrest professed.

     Work wise, I feel like I didn't accomplish much.  I did so much thinking - about the 'fabric' of life I guess you could say.  I also thought about how to let my audience enter into my work, about making it less abrasive.  Jenn, Ryan, and I discussed how, if approached from a deep sense of love, this will be apparent and communicable.

     I also continued to think about borders - how/why we make them.  How borders are related to the way in which we experience space, why it is that we try to interpret space in this way.  I thought about the difference between different kinds of borders and how borders are frames that alter the way we experience space.  I also thought about how I can employ borders to communicate ideas of utopia.

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