September 9, 2012

Snap Shots From the Land Arts Journey So Far

Amelia Zaraftis
September 8th, 2012

     Prior to our departure, the Land Arts 2012 crew meets for seminars over three days at the Mattox Building, University of New Mexico.

     Our group has its first crack at setting up the infamous Land Arts Cook Tent, when we arrive at Fire Point Campground on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

     Having distilled the experience of visiting Roden Crater, the group meets to reflect on the experience and discuss aspects of the work in the context of Land Arts and contemporary arts practices.

     During our time at Fire Point, the Safety Complex outfit explores creative possibilities in the context of the Ponderosa Forest.

     This afforded me an encounter with the Ponderosa's butterscotch scented bark.

     Matt Coolidge oriented our group to the Center For Land Use Interpretation's South Base, where the group spent some time looking at the facilities there and photographing areas of interest.

     The target gallery at South Base shows a variety of shooting targets, both diagrammatic and photographic.  At a nearby artillery range stands this lone shooting target.

     This photograph was taken through the van window on our way out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, which were underwater due to the recent heavy rains.

     Within minutes of arriving at the Salt Flats, we head for ankle deep immersion in the salty brine, leaving a beautifully composed community of boots on the salt shore.

     An ongoing interest in the road signs of the American West was nurtured at the Center For Land Use Interpretation, as the workshop contained an assortment of discarded road signs.  This one prompted a quick sojourn with the Safety Complex outfit on our last day at CLUI.  In the background is the Enola Gay Hangar.

Farewell Wendover and CLUI.  We've packed the van, and have an eleven hour drive ahead of us to get to Muley Point near the San Juan River in Utah.

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