November 19, 2018

The Sun and Moon


Angel Peak: The Sun and Moon
September 24, 2018
We arrived at Angel Peak in the afternoon. That evening during dinner we got to watch the sunset and the Harvest Moon rise. They lined up perfectly, the moon copied the sun and glowed bright orange. At night it was so bright that we didn’t need a headlamp and the stars were hiding behind the the glow of the moon. Inside my tent it looked like the light of a car shining, which made it a little hard to sleep. The next morning the moon began to set where the sun set and the sunrise began.         
When we came to the Greater Chaco Region we watched a movie that visually presented how the architecture of the great houses lined up with the sun and the moon. Seeing this amazing event made me understand why they were so fascinated by them and used it in everything they built. I felt honored to see this part of the dance between the sun and the moon and I hope I am able to see more.

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