November 21, 2018


By Kyle Holub
Gila Wilderness, NM
October 23, 2018

I am known to the Knowers 
as one who hear the songs
of healing compassion.

One who listens but cannot sing them. 
Not yet a Knower myself. 

My intentions are good, but
not yet pure.
My words can help, but
not yet heal. 

I have not yet come to know
the extent of suffering.
But one day, one life.
Maybe soon.

A sycamore branch points to 
that which cannot be spoken,
a river flows into it,
a boulder falls on top of it,
because of it. 

To interpret this quiet 
is to die the most worthy of deaths.
To re-member the dismembered.
To become whole again.

I am human being wrong.
I am spirit being ignored.
Hush now, and listen being.

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