October 19, 2018

Trying to Stay Dry in a Desert

Trying To Stay Dry in a Desert

By Rowan Willow

Where do tiny lil bb underwater creatures come from in the desert, and how do u learn from them?

Part of being caught in a thunderstorm in Muley Point was making sure my tent stayed dry and making sure I could create an oasis to come home to every night after a day of working in the rain. When I would come home to my tent at night (and mind you, in the fog and the endless similarities of the landscape, it wasn’t easy) I would consistently squirm with delight when I would come back to my dry ecosystem- as if I were subverting the current harshness of my environment. As someone raised in the desert, the thunderstorm was hard, but it was also a rare luxury that I often did not get to experience. This moment was shared with me by all of the tinaja creatures. Finally, after an especially long and dry summer, the bowls held within the rocks filled up, and their ecosystems were resurrected. My daily oasis of a dry tent was parallel to their wet oasis within the rocks that happens, well, as often as it rains in the desert (variable).

The first morning the thunderstorm got particularly scary, I asked Jenn about the lil bb’s, and her advice was to go and learn from them. I did go and hang out with them, but I don’t know what I learned. I feel like lessons like that do not become apparent to you until much later.
Were both bb’s tryna live in environments that do not nourish us with the regularity that we’d perhaps like.

But we’re strong,

And it’s going to be okay (MAYBE).

We need to take the nourishment that is provided to us, and we must create our own ecosystem.

I don’t know where either of us come from, but I know where we are. I know more lessons will come. It’s funny how significant a passing experience will be when it’s no longer there.

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