October 14, 2018

sometimes what lies in the open is invisible

nicholas b jacobsen
sometimes what lies in the open is invisible
Four Corners
October 12, 2018

Everyone who reads this entry is connecting with the lives within the sacred lands of Diné (Navajo) and Pueblo Peoples. As we begin our communications, let us fully acknowledge the place from where this writing originates and give thanks to the mountains, valleys, and waters, which sustain our lives, and form Diné and Pueblo ancestral homelands. Let us ground our interactions in awareness of where we are and may the mannerisms of Diné and Pueblo Peoples enter our lives and fill us with gratitude, love, care, and respect for all that is shared between us and all beings.
After experiencing the complex, heartbreaking reality of the Fracking is Fracking Reality Tour, led by Daniel Tso, we spent some time absorbing and reflecting. We heard about the fractured social and physical health of the communities in Northwestern New Mexico. We saw the oppressive density of oil and gas wells. We smelled and tasted their toxic tailings. We listened to the omnipresent vibrations of the pumps. We touched the poisoned ground, where seeds of sustenance and lives of ancestors lie. We felt the heartaches and headaches that daily impact the lives of those whose homes are deeply rooted here in the “national sacrifice zone.”
We were charged by this community to hold this experience within our hearts and to share what is forming there with our communities. In there own words, we pass this charge on to you.

“We’re speaking from the heart, in the hopes that it touches your heart, motivates you to join our work. This is a critical time. The balance of nature is disrupted. We all need clean air, water, a place to live. Talk to your family, friends. Ask them to call and write to their representatives. I hear there is a thing called ‘Instagram.’ You can Instagram it.” - Daniel Tso

“The reality that we’re facing is we need help. People are dying. The land and water are suffering. We shouldn’t need a PhD to say harm is happening. It’s the culture of violence that needs to be disrupted--violence on our land, violence on our communities.
It’s time to take a hard stand, what side we’re on.
Are we for life or death?
Peace or violence?
It’s going to come with a lot of sacrifice, changes in the way we live. We were given everything we need--land, water, seeds. We now have an obligation to grow together. We need everyone to work together, because of the urgency.” - Anonymous

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For more information and to learn how you may help the efforts already underway, please visit the Greater Chaco Coalition @ frackoffchaco.org, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Thank you

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