October 8, 2018

Sky Roots

Sky Roots 
by Blaise Koller 
Wild Rivers 
12 September 2018,  

Brionna and I have been sleeping and camping the last couple nights out on this ledge overlooking the gorge at Wild Rivers. The view is insane. When looking out over the gorge, you can see the other side of it, 1,000 feet below, and the sky stretches in front, to the sides, and above you to infinity. The first evening before the sun went down, I laid on the ground and felt my tired body sinking into the rocks below me, while the clouds lifted my perception up and outwards to their heights. We set up our tents near the edge, but beyond that there was this little squarish space that was perfectly sized for two people. It was surrounded by large rocks on all sides. The first night, Brionna and I pulled our mats and sleeping bags out to that little space on the edge and slept under the stars.