November 1, 2017

Ropes and Needles

By Alex Kinney
Muley Point, Bears Ears National Monument, UT
October 3, 2017

This area really helped me communicate with other life forms besides humans. Particularly a frog who I invited to chat with and who took refuge in my foot imprint in some mud. I guess he made me think of scales and I thought a large bear on the land that could be talking to me. I think Muley made me realize a lot about my approach to making art in that I approach a lot of things like I do when I paint, which involves almost no thinking at all! Just a lot of doing and a lot of layers and intuition. I started to collage photos I took with my phone. Above is a line of rope with cactus needles in them. I played around a puddle and put the needles on my body and watched the water soak around the rocks. I have no idea what it’s about, but I can tell ya it’s not about Jesus Christ… although I said a prayer for the first time in long while at this site.

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