November 14, 2017

A Rainbow in Our Campsite

By Issy Arnold
Gila Wilderness, NM
October 27. 2017

We went on what turned out to be the most beautiful failed mission I have ever partaken in, to find Turkey Creek hot springs. It was cool to be forced, by chance, to spend so much time in and with the Gila, the last wild river. It was kind of like the opposite of being at Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam, feeling the freedom and timelessness that people must have felt being in Glen Canyon before they drowned it. Long may the Gila run free and sparkly in the sun!!
How NOT to get to Turkey Creek hot springs from camp
Cross over the river exactly 4 times, regardless of whether this means abandoning a very defined path
When your instinct tells you that you have reached Turkey Creek and should follow it, ignore it, it doesn’t know what it’s talking about
Assume that every big rock you see is THE big rock Jenn was talking about
Take ‘there’ll be a bit where you feel like you’re off the track’ to mean ‘bushwhack through an area made solely of plants that can spike or scratch you, which definitely has not been seen by another human for at least 50 years’
Convince yourself that the first fencepost you see is THE homestead you are looking for

Whenever you are feeling a bit tired, look around and find any rock with a flat bit on it and know that this must be the rock wall from Jenn’s instructions and keep wading upstream, it’s probably round the next corner

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