October 9, 2017


By Paul Ross
Wild Rivers, NM
September 11, 2017

7 September – The more I look at rivers, the more I am convinced that they are exquisite portraits of life-in-world.

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11 September – And after time, our bodies came to find ways through the stones more easily. Our joints and limbs separated and collided, our bipedal tendencies swinging like ersatz pendulums to find paths of least resistance.
It is not difficult to imagine a body like mine becoming more and more used to this way of moving. Less and less attached with any one orientation or rhythm. Given enough time, it is not difficult to imagine a state of dynamic grace emerging from the repeated motions. I would venture to call that way of being-moving-thinking-doing, water.

Everything alive comes from the sea or a river or a stream. Or from rain, or snow, or cloud. That’s where We all come from, and where We all return to.

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