October 19, 2017

Swimming in a Graveyard

By Issy Arnold
Glen Canyon Dam/ Lake Powell, AZ
September 27, 2017

Your body knows it’s not in the right place in space, you shouldn’t be able to float in what should be thin air. After watching Damnation and seeing the footage of Katie Lee and her friends in the canyon before it was flooded I kind of felt like I was swimming in a graveyard when we went back to the lake after our tour of the dam.  
It made me wonder if there are any places left in the world where we and generations that come after us will be able to go and feel the freedom of knowing that no humans have touched that place for hundreds of years. I somehow doubt it.

We went down to the Lake at sunset and I can kind of see why people come to this weird pop up suburbia concrete holiday camp to feel like they are spending time in nature - it is beautiful. Imagine how beautiful it would be if we weren’t there.

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