October 17, 2017

On the methane flares on northern New Mexico

By Paul Ross
Angel Peak, Four Corners, NM
September 22, 2017

They say that when it rains, it rains around it.
An inverse to the pet thunderclouds that follow the glum and unlucky in the world of cartoons.
A howling field, which pushes all good things away, such as the rain.

What a preposterous sin, to banish this connection between earth and sky
They cannot touch each other.
Rifted by and angled iron arrow,
Loosing the daemons safe beneath earth’s skin
As odorless, insatiable flame.

Two kinds of pumps
I wanderwalk along the badland valley floor, amongst dwarf cottonwoods and natural gas pump stations.
I think of the ‘bad’ in ‘badlands’ as less of a negative term and more in the way that skater kids in high school say ‘bad.’ Impressive. Sort of scrappy, and capable.
Sounds of my heart and the stations comingle…
Two kinds of pumps

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