October 1, 2017

La Villita Farm

Alex Kinney
La Villita, NM
September 15, 2017

Ron’s farm was a lot of fun. Being by the Rio Grande was especially nice during the hot days… well every day. This site was a great place to stop thinking about art stuff and just watch someone else be passionate about what they do. Going to the market in Espanola was also cool and meeting some of the people there was fun. I saw some little goats too and bought a soda – cherry 7 up on the rocks - (I had been craving one!!!!!!!).
Our experiments with the Rye was a lot of fun and the way we came together to do it made the work feel a lot less like work and like a game. I think I started to feel the heat after a few days and I was very giggly and special. But it was a lot of fun to be in that element and see everyone enjoying themselves. I think this site would be great for future land artians.

The photo is a representation of my withdrawal from dogs and it was so good to see some at Ron’s.

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