October 29, 2017

For those who can't escape #2

By Viola Arduini
Muley Point, Bears Ears National Monument, UT
October 3, 2017

One thing I wasn't expecting to find in the desert was the incredible variety of lichens I saw at Muley Point. With different shapes and colors going from the bright orange to the coolest light blue, those amazing organisms cover most of the rocks there.  

Lichens are ancient and complex organisms. Technically they are symbiotic unions of an algae and a fungus. They grow only in certain conditions and usually where the air quality is good. They are almost impossible to move from a place to another, at the opposite of moss.  

Since Angel Peak I have been thinking of those people, of any species, that cannot flee. At Muley Point I created little, surreal devices to protect them. One of them was a space blanket cover for lichens.   

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