October 26, 2017

A Different Breath

By Amy Catherine Hulshoff
Muley Point, Bears Ears National Monument, UT
September 29, 2017

       There air and light up here feel different. The pressure on my temples and chest are lifted. I feel like I can open my eyes wider, like I am not afraid to look because here I know I will not hear or see an oil, or natural gas pump. But for how long? How long will it take for Trump to destroy Bear’s Ears and litter it with money hungry pumps that draw from the ground like it’s bleeding a pig? Jonah says this is a place for healing, for everyone to use. This place is a part of his way of life, and this space is an everyday space. Are we truly going to continue this behavior of breaking treaties and marginalizing the indigenous population all in the name of exporting an energy Band-Aid over seas?  Is this really OK with you? Are you really OK with just ignoring and denying the existence of other human beings and their homeland that they share with visitors? Is this denial really easier than giving voice and agency to renewable energy and environmental justice? Maybe it is easier now, but when we run out of air and food and we start eating money, we will wish we could go back to the age of “choices” and choose differently. Our children will ask us: what was so important that we couldn’t bring ourselves to care, to act?

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