August 27, 2017

The 2017 Land Arts Journey Begins!

The Land Arts 2017 crew is getting set to depart on another region-wide journey of site investigation and creative production!

This year, Land Arts will once again collaborate with the Santa Fe Art Institute’s (SFAI) residency program. This year’s SFAI residency is themed “Equal Justice” and a number of residents will join us out in the field:

On our first journey, Syrus Marcus Ware and Melisse Watson, artists and performers with a history of collaborative practice, join us from Toronto. Syrus uses painting, installation and performance to explore black activist culture. Melisse is an activist, earthworker and multidisciplinary artist, utilizing performance, visual, aural and installation art to provoke socio-political change and thriving imagined futures for Black and Indigenous bodies.

During our second trip, Gil Ngoleis a Memphis-based artist, born in the Republic of the Congo-Brazzaville during the postcolonial era, a social and political environment that is an important source of inspiration.” Ngole uses found materials to create sculptural installations.

The Feminist Art Museum (FAM) will finish out the final leg of our semester-long journey. FAM secures space for women (women-identified and gender non-binary people) in contemporary art. Xenia Benivolski is the founder of several collective art spaces and an international artist-in-residency program, and sits on the curatorial committee for the 2017 Beijing Biennal. Su-Ying Lee is an independent curator. She has worked in a curatorial capacity in Canadian institutions and curated exhibitions across Canada and in Hong Kong.

In addition to these visiting artists, LAAW will engage with numerous other organizations, groups and individuals, such as Borderland Restoration (Patagonia, AZ), Sunni Dooley (Dine storyteller), Daniel Tso (Dine anti-fracking activist) and Ron Boyd (Mergirl Gardens, La Villita, NM).

Please join us on this journey via, Facebook, Instagram and this blog.

LAAW Field Investigations
August 28 – Sept 12 – Field Investigation #1
August 28 – Sept 1 – Rio Grande Headwaters, Silverton, CO
Sept 2 – 5 – Mergirl Gardens , La Villita, NM
Sept 6 – 11 – Wild Rivers, NM
Sept 12 – Return to Albuquerque

Sept 18 – Oct 3 – Field Investigation #2
Sept 20 – 26 – Fracking, Angel Peak BLM, Eastern Navajo, NM
Sept 27 – 28 – Glen Canyon Dam, Page, AZ
Sept 29 – Oct 4 – Muley Point, UT
Oct 5 – Return to Albuquerque
Oct 12 – 27 – Field Investigation #3
Oct 15 – 21 – Borderlands Restoration, Patagonia, AZ
Oct 22 – 27 - Gila Wilderness, NM
Oct 28 - 31 – White Sands, NM
Nov 1 - Return to Albuquerque

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