November 5, 2016

River Crossing: A Game

By Molly Zimmer & Nancy Dewhurst
Turkey Creek, Gila, NM
October 14, 2016

Molly and Nancy’s first collaboration evolved from creating a set of parameters to follow (rules for a made up game) to a larger series of clips addressing the stubbornness of human nature to continue trying to innovate methods with limited communication.

The goal was to cross the Gila River without touching the water at a location we had chosen.

Unloading our packs, we inventoried all the supplies we had on hand and randomly dispersed them between us. As part of the game, we were only allowed to communicate through commands for materials that were to be passed from one side of the river to the other. So, first we had to construct a pulley system to deliver materials back and forth when asked, and when the other person asked for them-- we had to send all of a material. It was a little like playing chess, where you have to anticipate the other person’s future actions based on the material they ask for.

Left: Molly’s list of supplies, Right: Nancy’s list of supplies

In-Action photo of Nancy climbing into man-made “boat” to cross the river on our rigged pulley system.

A compilation of the documentation of the collaboration can be seen here:

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