November 12, 2016

Pipeline Picnic

By Hollis Moore
Marfa/ Trans-Pecos Pipeline, TX
October 31, 2016


In this photo I am caught in action.  (I’m in the gray shirt sitting at the end of the table with a very focused gaze). This was the moment I decided to break my vegetarian diet to eat the sandwich presented to our group by Robert Luhan, an activist and artist, during a Pipeline picnic dialogue. The sandwich came from Don Jose Panaderia in Presidio, TX and is a fantastic meat and cheese filled braid of delicious goodness.

Sharing food is the keystone to opening a comfortable space for conversation. Our Land Arts group shared lunch with Lori, Nicole, Alice, and Roberto, all activists involved with Defend Big Bend. Over the course of devouring the 36” sandwich we learned about the development of the Trans-Pecos pipeline and its impact on the Trans-Pecos area socially, politically, and environmentally. These leaders of the grassroots, volunteer movement Defend Big Bend are incredibly passionate and intelligent trailblazers, committed to rebuilding fractured communities and preserving the land for generations to come.

Our group sharing a Don Jose Panaderia sandwich with Lori, Nicole, Alice, and Roberto was a way to bridge our two communities. A collective meal is rooted in reality, it is an embodied experience, and an attention to the present moment. The simple act of taking time to sit, eat, and chat together created an experience I will always remember and a responsibility to pass along and act on what I learned.

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