November 9, 2016

Creature Collaboration

By Molly Zimmer & Nancy Dewhurst
Turkey Creek, Gila, NM
October 15, 2016

While Land Arts camped on the Gila River at Turkey Creek, adjacent to the Gila Wilderness, Nancy Dewhurst and Molly Zimmer collaborated to create a site-specific garment to be worn over both of them, transforming the local Sotol Yucca stems into a rustling creature that might make its habitat there. They chose the site, Brock Canyon, which is a dry wash at this time of year. On one side of the Canyon is an old abandoned Fluorite Mine, a large sand bar in the middle, and on the other side is a steep wash with rocks softened over time. They harvested nearby Sotol Yucca’s dried blooms and leaves for the suit. They experimented with using blooms for antennae and tied the bunches of leaves with zip-ties in rows onto several large black trash bags.

Nancy and Molly imagined what kind of creature would live in this wash, and how would it have to navigate through the rocks, and would it live in the fluorite mine (as if it was a macro view of all the lizards, and snakes that chose their habitats in the ground).

They hope to put together a video showing a narrative / journey with this creature. In the meantime they have compiled a collection of video clips, which you can view here:

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