November 27, 2016

Above and Below

By Kaitlin Bryson
White Sands National Monument, NM
October 26, 2016

I am obsessed with microbial and mycorrhizal networks who live underground and weave together diverse root systems transporting nutrients, water, and food throughout species.  These creatures are especially important in places like White Sands, where the land is exceptionally difficult for plants to habituate.   These outstanding communities of strange and fascinating organisms are major players on our planet – and are some of the most vital to our terrestrial existence.  

My obsession has turned into a sincere desire to express and showcase (who I consider to be) the Earth’s MVP(s) within my work.  I have been playing around with different methods for drawing these connections, but feel like the projects and ideas are still in early phases.  Pictured below is my experiment at White Sands.  I made a weaving between two yucca shoots and then took leaf samples from each. Then, using a glove box that I constructed (to create a sterile environment) I took the leaf samples and cultured them in petri jars.  The hope is that the plant tissue will grow and express the mycelial network that runs throughout the vegetative body and throughout the soil.  Stay tuned.  


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